Central Prairie Co-op

Central Prairie Co-op is a leading provider of agricultural services focusing on the Grain, Agronomy, Fuels, and Feed needs of our customers and owners while enriching the community. With an extensive footprint based mainly in Rice, Reno, and Barton counties, we have the privilege of serving a large number of producers throughout the area. As a cooperative, we are owned by our patrons, allowing patrons to have a voice in everything we do. Financially strong and competitive, we use our expertise to provide our customers with the most value and best quality service possible.


Todays Technology Yesterdays Values

Our roots touch back over 100 years ago, giving us a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges America’s producers face on a daily basis. To better serve everyone in the area, our priority is to keep facilities updated and operate your cooperative as efficiently as possible. We strive to provide additional value to producers by learning about new innovations and agricultural practices, while always remembering the lessons learned from past experience. It takes dedication and hard work to get things done right, and your team at Central Prairie Co-op are motivated to stand with and support you as we face the future…together. We believe strongly in today’s technology while maintaining yesterday’s values!

We look forward to working with you on your crops.

We are excited to collaborate with you every crop season. Central Prairie Co-op has once again partnered with The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) and Secure by Winfield United to provide crop input financing.

Our CFA program allows you to finance all your Central Prairie Co-op purchases, while the Secure program covers products from the Winfield United portfolio, including chemical, bulk fertilizer, and application.

As we offer a broad range of Winfield United products, the Secure program can significantly offset your input costs. These financing programs are now available, providing producers with early seed ordering discounts and the ability to secure prices for chemicals and fertilizers. Take advantage of this opportunity to streamline your financing and improve your planning for a successful year.

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