2018 Annual Meeting Overview

2018 Annual Meeting

The evening began with a delicious meal that was catered by Ray’s Countryside Catering Inc of Colwich, Kansas. The service was prompt and gracious and several members talked about the great food. Unfortunately for us, Ray and Kathy Mies are retiring this year, so this was the last Annual Meeting that Ray’s will be catering for CPC.

Mark Engelland, the board chairman, called the meeting to order around 7:00 pm. Orville Miller came up and gave the invocation. Jason Stansbury, the board secretary, pronounced that we had 147 voting members present which qualified as a quorum. He then stated that the official announcement of the meeting was mailed out April 25th in accordance with our bylaws. He then read the minutes to last year’s annual meeting. Chairman Engelland then asked for and received a motion and a second to approve the minutes of last year’s meeting.

Chairman Engelland then introduced Mike Meisenheimer with Lindburg Vogel Pierce Faris, which is the firm who conducts our audit. Mike gave an overview of the financial statement of our co-op. Chairman Engelland asked and received a motion and a second to accept the financial report.

Chairman Engelland gave his report and then introduced Joe Schauf, our General Manager and Joe gave his report.

Vice Chairman Jack Farney asked for any nominations from the floor for the three Board of Director positions that were available. When hearing none, Vice Chairman Farney asked for and received a motion and a second to cease nominations. Mark Engelland, Marc Stickney and Bret Engelland will continue serving on the Board of Directors.

Chairman Engelland then asked for any new business. Hearing none he asked for any old business. There was none.

The meeting was then adjourned. Patronage checks were given out as the members were leaving.

Click Here – For the 2018 Financials

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