Advising & Consultant Program

Central Prairie Co-op is happy to welcome Skylar January to the agronomy team as a crop advisor and consultant. Starting this summer, Central Prairie Co-op will be offering a contract advising and consultant program for irrigated and dryland acres. Skylar will be working day to day with the CPC agronomy team to bring the best ideas and values to the growers.

He will begin crop advising and consulting in Barton County, Ellsworth County, McPherson County, Reno County, Rice County and Sedgwick County. Crop advising will include soil sampling with fertility recommendation, hybrid/variety selection, full herbicide plan, irrigation scheduling (if applicable), and weekly checks with reports on irrigation or bi-weekly on dryland with weekly checks during key times.

About Skylar January

Skylar was born and raised in Lyons, Kansas. After graduating from K-State in 2013, he returned to Rice County where he was an agronomist for a large farm. While there, he managed the crop and application inputs until the farms retirement in the Spring of 2018. Not only was he able to advise the farm, he was able to see the growth and increase of the farm yields. With this experience came sound, economical recommendations.


  • Certified Crop Advisor (2013)
  • 4r Nutrient Management Specialist (2017)
  • Sustainability Specialist (2018)

Skylar JanuaryA Message from Skylar

“I would like to start advising growers as soon as the previous crop has been cut. This would allow time to get a fertility plan in place, selecting the right seed hybrid or variety, and put a herbicide plan in action. My goal is to work with the grower to make the right recommendation at the right time, thus reducing the growers total expense. Feel free to contact me with any questions and pricing. Thank you for your interest.”  – Skylar January, CCA

For more information on the contract advising and consulting program, contact Skylar at 620-680-0901/ or Allen Shive at 1-800-585-3839/

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