This year Central Prairie Co-op General Manager, Joe Schauf asked the CPC employee group if they knew of an organization in their community that had a need. Adams Corner Office Clerk, Macy Stephan of the Mount Hope area submitted the Curry-Ross Post 247 American Legion of Mount Hope. The American Legion displays flags at the local cemeteries and is in need of replacing some worn flags. The Board of Directors decided this was a very worthy cause and made a donation that was matched by Land O Lakes.

L to R: General Manager Joe Schauf, Adams Corner Office Clerk Macy Stephan and Curry-Ross Post 247 American Legion Commander Larry J Perkins

Schauf and Stephan presented matching donation funds from Central Prairie Co-op and Land O’Lakes to Commander Larry J Perkins on December 15th.

A special thank you to all that the American Legion does for our veterans and communities.