CPC Aquires Fry Oil LLC

Central Prairie Co-op is growing again. Effective September 1st, we acquired Fry Oil LLC from Loren and Beth Myers. Fry Oil LLC, located in Little River, Kansas, provide bulk fuel delivery and a key-trol fuel station on the south side of Little River. Loren and Beth have owned Fry Oil for 30 years and they decided to retire, at least from being a business owner. Loren will be staying on with Central Prairie Co-op as the bulk fuel delivery driver through the transition period.

The key-trol pumps will be converted to a card-trol system as soon as the equipment is delivered. With our proprietary fuel card, this will allow the Little River patrons access to all our fuel stations.

On the bulk fuel side, CPC will have bulk Cenex petroleum products available and will be offering access to the Cenex AFD consumption billing program. With this program, a tank monitor is installed that Cenex can access. Cenex will keep the fuel tank full, but the customer only pays for the amount that they use that month. This keeps the customer from having to keep checking the volume inside the tanks, since it is already being done for them. Or if the customer decides not to use the AFD program, CPC is more than happy to deliver bulk fuel with our truck when the customer needs it.

We look forward to serving the Little River area with the same great service that Loren and Beth have provided.

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