Gearing Up with Pre-Harvest Training

Central Prairie Co-op employees started gearing up for the upcoming wheat harvest with pre-harvest training. Brooks Benson, CPC Safety Director teamed up with Max Mobley, Operations Manager and Jed Henson, Northern Region Operations Manager to present different aspects of training while working harvest, both on the scales and in the elevator.

Subjects that were covered in training were:

  • Truck Dumping in the Elevator
  • Permit Required Confined Space/Bin Entry
  • PPE, Hearing Protection, Dust Masks
  • Elevator Maintenance, Housekeeping, Leg Choke
  • Lock Out/Tag Out
  • NH3
  • Accident/Injury Reporting, Return to Work Policy
  • Electrical, Flammables, Fire Safety
  • Bio-Security, Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Air Monitoring
  • Forklift/Skid Steer Driving


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