Jim Gibson

Jim Gibson began his career with the co-op, May 17, 1973, over 49 years ago. After graduating High School, he began working part time at the Sterling Station. After fall harvest the grain department offered Jim a fulltime position, which lead to him running the east elevator, which he did for the next 13 years. On and off during his elevator days, Jim would help the Agronomy department, when the grain department was slow, by driving a nurse truck for them. Eventually Jim was offered a fulltime position within the Agronomy Department. This led him to becoming a spray rig operator, which to date is probably one of his favorite jobs he has done for the co-op. Jim remained with the Agronomy Department for 17 years.

Several people were retiring at the Sterling Farm Store and the opportunity arose that would lead Jim back to the farm store. Jim oversaw the NH3 plant, billing, and the dry shed west of the farm store. During this time, he began helping in the Farm Store, waiting on customers, and learning how to make tickets, to help fill in when people were gone to lunch and on vacation. Jim also began running the scale during harvest and when shipping grain out of the elevator.

Eventually the fertilizer was moved to the Sterling Hub for better efficiencies, and Jim became the full-time scale master, yard man and Farm Store clerk. So now we know the rest of the story. Over the years Jim has witnessed many changes in the industry and our co-op. The growth of the company, when he started there were only two locations, Sterling and Alden. Grain trucks held 300 bushels and the technology changes in spray rigs are a few that came to mind.

We wish Jim the best in all his future endeavors and thank him for his hard work and dedication over the years.

There will be a Retirement Party for Jim at the Sterling Farm Store on Tuesday, August 30th from 1-4pm.