Adams Corner

Agronomy Location – Adams Corner

Agronomy Department Manager: Allen Shive

Branch Manager:

404 North Nickerson Road – Nickerson, KS  67561

Office Phone Number: 620.422.3221 – Fax Number: 620.422.3435

Adams Corner

Allen Shive

Jamie Shive

Brooks Benson

Brooks Benson

Allen Shive,  Agronomy Department Manager 316.772.8969 (cell)
, Branch Manager
Jamie Shive, Field and Sales Agronomist 620.727.7506 (cell)
Carol Armstrong, Office Clerk 620.422.3221 (office)
Brooks Benson, Safety/Compliance Coordinator 620.200.4792 (cell)

In case of an Emergency, please contact: Allen Shive or Brooks Benson.