Sterling Hub

Agronomy Location – Sterling Hub

Agronomy Department Manager: Allen Shive

Branch Manager: Shanon Schwartz

1775 State Road 14 – Sterling, KS  67579

Office Phone Number: 620.278.2470 or 800.585.3839 – Fax Number: 620.278.2808

Allen Shive

Shanon Schwartz

Brandon Warner

Skylar January

Brooks Benson

Brooks Benson




Allen Shive, Agronomy Department Manager  316.772.8969 (cell)
Shanon Schwartz, Branch Manager  620.200.8634 (cell)
Brandon Warner, Field and Sales Agronomist  620.200.6002 (cell)
Skylar January, Crop Advisor and Consultant 620.680.0901 (cell)
Heather Story, Office Clerk  620.278.2470 (office)
Brooks Benson, Safety/Compliance Coordinator  620.200.4792 (cell)

In case of an Emergency, please contact: Shanon Schwartz, Allen Shive or Brooks Benson.

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