LDP Information

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What is a Loan Deficiency Payment?

In the United States agriculture policy, LDP is a farm income support program first authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985 (P. L. 99-198).

How can I receive the LDP?

All eligible producers entering into the LDP agreement MUST meet marketing assistance loan eligibility and have beneficial interest in the quantities covered for the applicable crop year. A producer is considered to have beneficial interest if the producer has the title to the commodity and has control of the commodity.

What forms do I need to send to the FSA office?

You will need to fill out the Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) Agreement and Request Form and submit it to your local FSA office. You can do this in person or by sending it via email or fax.

You will also need to contact your local Central Prairie Co-op office and request a copy of the LDP Open Storage Customer Inquiry Report that will need to be signed and dated. **Please note that you will only have 7 days to get the signed LDP Storage Customer Inquiry Report to FSA or you will have to start the process over.

Where do I find the USDA LDP Rates?

You can find all the USDA LDP Rates by clicking here.

Local FSA Fax Numbers

Barton County FSA Fax Number – (855) 768-6964

Ellsworth County FSA Fax Number – (855) 725-7680

Reno County FSA Fax Number – (855) 809-4560

Rice County FSA Fax Number – (855) 782-9607

You can find more information on the LDP by stopping by the FSA office or by visiting the United States Department of Agriculture website.