Non-Profits Receive Donations

Central Prairie Co-op, along with Land O’Lakes, are making matching donations to non-profit, 501(c)3 organizations once again this year.

The following organizations received matching donation checks. These organizations were recommended by board members, employees, or solicitations from the organizations themselves.

Central Prairie Co-op is proud to be able to support the local organizations.

Hutchinson Community Foundation – Cook Well, Eat Well Program

Donations received will go towards providing food and workshops for the USD 310 community. Workshops will teach new cooking skills for healthy eating. Each participant will be provided food to take home to use throughout the week.

Plainview Mennonite Church – JAM (Jesus and Me) Program

The donations received will help fund meals for children and parents that come to the JAM program, as well as the less fortunate in and around the Partridge area. JAM serves meals to over 100 people.

Rednecks for Christ

Donations received will provide money for school lunches for those that cannot afford them as well as the Rednecks for Christ Christmas program.

Northern Rice County Food Bank – Lyons, Kansas

With the donations made, the Northern Rice County Food Bank will be able to re-stock the shelves so more low-income people will be able to receive help with meals.

Sterling Food Bank – Sterling, Kansas

The donations made will help the Sterling Food Bank re-stock its shelves so more low-income people will be able to receive help with meals.

City of Geneseo Museum – Geneseo, Kansas

The museum will use the donations made towards the upkeep and restoration of the building. The museum wishes to continue to inspire awareness and appreciation of the past for present and future generations.

Claflin Area Pride – Claflin, Kansas

The Claflin Area Pride will use the donations received to purchase a horse and buggy for their annual town Christmas program. They will also use the funds to continue the beautification of the city park.

Heart Ministries Inc – Victory Village Christian Academy – Burrton, KS

Victory Village is a girls academy that houses up to 16 girls. With the donations received, Victory Village will be able to continue to help hurting young women with a second chance of life.

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