Grid vs Conventional Sampling2

Grid Sampling vs Conventional Sampling

A Central Prairie Co-op customer asked us to pull soil samples on a dry-land half section for him. The results we got back from pulling 1 soil sample on each quarter, outlined in red in the picture, called for 4.5 tons of lime on one quarter and 5.4 tons on the other. On 311 acres, that is 63 loads of lime!


We decided to grid sample his half section, justifying it by figuring if we saved half a ton of lime per acre, (6 loads in this case)then the grid sampling would pay for itself. By doing this and applying the lime by variable rate only where it needs to go, we cut the number of loads of lime from 63 to 29, and after you take out the cost of the grid sampling, saved the grower over $25,000! The lime recommendation map is attached and you can see the variability in the soil pH.


Since we started in 2012, Central Prairie Co-op has grid sampled 40,000 acres for customers all over the territory. In addition to variable rating lime, CPC has 2 Case flexairs that have the capability to variable rate 3 different fertilizer products in the same pass, based off the grid sample recommendations.  Please call any of our agronomy locations with questions on how we can bring this expertise to your farm.

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