Brooks Benson

Todays Technology Yesterdays Values” is not only Central Prairie Co-op’s motto, it is something that the company is incorporating into everyday activities. CPC Safety Director, Brooks Benson has been incorporating Skype for Business into the company’s safety training. Employees are able to have interactive Skype sessions where they can discuss or address topics all while being able to view any PowerPoint presentation, documents, etc right from Benson’s computer.

This week, to prepare everyone for wheat harvest, Benson met with 8 locations via Skype for Business to go over different safety precautions while working in the elevator, at the scales and loading/unloading wheat trucks. Employees were able to Skype with Benson then turn around and go back to work, eliminating the wasted driving time to attend the meeting. Benson believes that by using different tools via the internet, Central Prairie Co-op will be able to save money, resources and time.